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When sunlight hits photo voltaic solar panels, it is converted into electricity

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"I was satisfied enough with Mississippi Solar to install a second system and they were..."

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Mississippi Solar

is a Licensed Solar Installer/Commercial Electrical Contractor and Residential Builder.

We design, install and service solar systems.

We are an authorized sales and service provider for back-up generators and electrical vehicle charging stations.

As energy demands change you can relax in the knowledge that you can produce your own power.

Mississippi Solar

On this video, you will see Mississippi Solar’s installations of 3 different applications for solar panels. They range from a Poultry Farm, to a Sports arena, to a home. The Solar carport, utilizes the sun to charge the all electric Tesla and a Nissan Leaf. Along with providing the power for our charging station, it also produces all the energy needed to run our home and business. You will see how Solar Power in Mississippi can generate electricity for both on and off grid systems.

Joe massey array Solar Panels
Mardis Array with Trailer Solar Panels

The Future is Now ...

Solar technology makes it possible for home and business owners to have dependable power from renewable sources. Mass production has significantly reduced the price of renewable energy systems and their components. Solar systems with battery-based backup power can ensure reliable power even when the utility grid is dow

With a solar electric system, you can provide yourself with protection from the rising prices of fuel, because your system’s fuel is the sun. Additionally, state, local and federal tax incentives and rebates make obtaining a system more economical.

Our systems are ideal for homes, businesses, schools, poultry farms, and commercial parking applications.

Call today for a consultation and learn how renewable energy can be an important part of yours, and your children's future.

1016 Saxton-Airport Road, Suite 118 Philadelphia, MS 39350 601-656-6161


Mississippi Solar, LLC
211 Popes Road
Carthage, MS 39051
Phone: 601-656-6161


Mississippi Solar
1016 Saxton-Airport Road, Suite 118
Philadelphia, MS 39350
Phone: 601-656-6161